Palace Place & Palace Pier Shuttle Bus Schedule

Palace Place / The Pier – Bus Service Policies & Procedures

1. Cellular Phone Use – Out of courtesy to your fellow passengers, please refrain from using your cellular phone unless in the case of an emergency.

2. Resident Bus Passes – Residents are required to show their bus pass to the driver each time they board the bus. If an individual does not possess a Bus Pass, they will be asked by the driver to provide identification confirming their residential address. Bus Pass Request Forms are available for owners and residents from your Management Office.

3. Designated Seats – The first row of seats are designated for use by individuals with mobility issues.

4. Guest Use of the Bus Service – Visitors are not required to have a Bus Pass. A visitor
of a Resident will be asked to provide their name and their host’s name and suite number to the driver. Individuals who refuse to provide appropriate identification and/or information will be refused entry to the bus.

5. PickUp and DropOff of Passengers – The bus will only stop to pick-up and drop-off pas- sengers at its designated stops. Once the bus leaves its location it will not stop to pick-up passengers who are late.

6. Bus Capacity/Standing – The maximum seating capacity is 47. Standing is not permitted on the Bus at any time. If the bus is at full capacity, individuals may order a taxi to be brought home. Please see Taxi Reimbursement below.

7. Taxi Reimbursement – Upon return to the building, the individual must complete the Taxi Receipt Form and return it to the Management Office with the taxi receipt attached to re- ceive reimbursement.

The maximum taxi fare that the Corporation will reimburse is $30.00 if it is necessary for a taxi to be called due to the bus exceeding seat capacity. It would be appreciated if Residents could share taxis where possible.

Can-Ar will reimburse Residents, via the Corporation, for taxi receipts required due to service disruption to a maximum of $25.00. Reimbursement will only be provided where the service is lost due to the breakdown of the bus.

Delays to the bus schedule due to inclement weather or traffic are not considered a service loss and therefore will not be subject to taxi reimbursement. There may be circumstances during inclement weather or traffic jams when the bus will continue to operate to offer the best service possible without guaranteeing the scheduled times.

Your taxi receipt must include the following information: • Date and time

• Name, suite number (number of passengers) • Missed pick-up and/or drop off location

8. Pets – Pets are not permitted on the Bus with the exception of guide dogs/seeing eye dogs.

9. Bicycles – Bicycles are not permitted on the Bus.
10. Smoking – Smoking is not permitted on the Bus.
11. Alcohol – The consumption of alcohol is not permitted on the Bus.

Combined Morning Service

6:30 am6:35 am7:00 am
7:05 am7:00 am7:30 am
7:30 am7:35 am8:00 am
8:05 am8:00 am9:00 am
8:30 am8:35 am9:00 am
9:05 am9:00 am9:30 am
9:30 am9:35 am9:55 am
Departure to mall
10:05 am
Departure to mall
10:00 am
10:25 am
11:15 am
Arrive 10:20 am10:25 am10:35 am
Pick-up 11:50 am12:00 pm11:40 am
Arrive 10:15 am10:20 am
Pick-up 11:55 am12:00 pm

Combined Afternoon Service

12:35 pm12:30 pm1:00 pm
1:15 pm1:20 pm1:45 pm
1:35 pm1:30 pm2:00 pm
2:15 pm2:20 pm2:45 pm
2:35 pm2:30 pm3:00 pm
3:15 pm3:20 pm3:45 pm
3:50 pm3:45 pm4:15 pm
4:15 pm4:20 pm4:45 pm
4:50 pm4:45 pm5:15 pm
5:15 pm5:20 pm5:45 pm
5:50 pm5:45 pm6:15 pm
6:15 pm6:20 pm6:45 pm
6:50 pm6:45 pm7:15 pm
8:00 pm8:05 pm8:20 pm
8:40 pm8:45 pm9:00 pm

9:00 pm is the last departure for the day on Front facing East at York outside of Starbucks