The Dalinda Palace Place Report, September 2014, is out!

palaceplacereportThe new issue of The Dalinda Report has just been posted!


Palace Place had experienced a strong period from June 1, 2014 to September 4, 2014, as total sales had increased marginally from 8 sales in 2013 to 9 sales in 2014.

While sales are strong, it is critical to note that the record prices that had been experienced from 2010 to 2013 are not being achieved in 2014. This is best attributed to the increase in new inventory from condos like Nautilus, 16 Brookers Lane.

From January 2014 until September 4, 2014, there had been 329 sales of condominium units that had been sold for under $450,000 in the Humber Bay Shores area.

During this time, there had only been 89 sales of condominium units that had been sold for above the $450,000 price point. Of that amount, there had only been 38 sales of condominium units that had been sold for between $500,000 and $600,000. Of those, 10 sales were from Palace Place.

Finally, since January 2014, there had only been 22 sales of condominium units that had been sold for above $700,000. Of those, only 3 sales were from Palace Place.

Traditionally, Palace Place has stood on its own with the introduction of new condo buildings into the marketplace. While Nautilus is definitely not Palace Place, it is a very modern, brand new condo that offers great views and balconies. Palace Place has experienced a challenge in competing with this “new factor”.

What buyers fail to consider when infatuated with these “new” condos are construction, window wall construction versus curtain wall construction, financial health of the condo corporation, special assessments, what the fees include, what are the fees per square foot in comparison, etcetera. The “new” factor of a condo is lost within 5-years. Buyers need to consider these facts carefully, but, unfortunately, they are given comparisons of all things being equal.

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