The Dalinda Report, September 2013, is out!

Palace Place City View Luke DalindaPalace Place September 2013The new issue of The Dalinda Report has just been posted!



While the home market is firing on all cylinders, the condo market is having a tough year, especially in the Humber Bay Shores area. We are seeing realtors offer as much as 4.5% to the co-operating brokerage for selling hard-to-sell suites. In fact, some of my Palace Place listings have offered as much as 3.5% to the co-operating brokerage, a requirement that I have not seen in over 16-years.

In these market conditions, it takes unparalleled market knowledge and innovative, new compensation models to effect sales. These market conditions truly separate realtors with talent from those without. A realtor who knows his product, has key connections, and can walk his talk is critical in getting the deal done in today’s market.

My sole purpose is to get you the highest possible price, a record price, for the least possible cost.

Given the challenging market conditions, Palace Place had experienced a strong period from June 1, 2013 to September 5, 2013, as total sales had decreased marginally from 9 sales in 2012 to 8 sales in 2013.  Prices had increased significantly during this time. In fact, three of these eight sales had been sold by me.

• I had sold Suite 3906 for the record price of $928,000, or $457 per square foot, which had represented $108,000 over the last 06 sale price.

• I had sold Suite 4305 for the price of $608,500.

• I had sold Suite 1211 for the all-time record price of $383,000.

As always, I am honored to be considered for your real estate needs. Thank you for your time.