JUST SOLD: Palace Place, Suite 1410 for the ALL-TIME RECORD PRICE of $457,000!

Palace Place 1 Palace Pier Court Suite 1410 Sold by Luke DalindaI have written to proudly announce that I have set yet another all-time record price at Palace Place by having just sold Suite 1410 for $457,000 by having represented the seller.

This is a fantastic accomplishment for the 10 suites at Palace Place. This record price represents a significant jump from other realtors’ sale prices of between $400,000 and $430,000.

Even at this new record price, the “10” suites still represent incredible value, as do all suites at Palace Place. Where else in the city of Toronto can you get a 1,388 square foot suite for $330 per square foot? When local window-popping shoebox condominiums sell for over $700 per square foot now, you have no choice but to scratch your head. Never mind the fact that such value for a suite exists in the most prestigious, luxurious, and best managed waterfront condominium residence in Canada!

In the condo world, newer is most definitely not better, and, in fact, they just simply do not build condominiums like they had used to. Palace Place had been built like a rock, and Palace Place features many advanced design features and qualities that are simply not found in construction today. For more details on such features, buy my book, “Palace Place”, at the URL that has been noted below.

This accomplishment clearly demonstrates the value of a realtor who knows his product, has key connections, and can walk his talk.

Do you want to set another record? Call me today!

Luke Dalinda




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