JUST SOLD: Palace Place, Suite 3102 – Record Price!

Palace Place Suite 2302 Knight

Palace Place 1 palace pier court Suite 3102 Sold by Luke Dalinda

Special Announcement: Palace Place, 1 Palace Pier Court, Suite 3102 sold for $585,000!

I have written to proudly announce that I have set yet another record price at Palace Place by having just sold Suite 3102 for $585,000, or $493 per square foot, by having represented the seller.

This is a great accomplishment for standard 02 suites at Palace Place. It clearly demonstrates the value of a realtor who knows his product, has key connections, and can walk his talk.

Buyers take note! In the condo world, newer is not better!

Do the math! This sale price of $493 per square foot is a bargain when new, inferior construction is charging $700 to $1,000 per square foot. Why buy the K-car when you can own the Mercedes-Benz?

Buyers want space, and, most importantly, buyers want quality. New construction fails to deliver these two key requirements. Palace Place offers unrivalled construction, spacious floor plans, 5-star amenities and services, and million dollar views that you cannot find in new buildings today!

Come see what Palace Place has to offer! Call Luke Dalinda today!