Palace Place: The Dalinda Report, Humber Bay Shores edition, is out now!

Palace Place March 2016

Palace Place Toronto

The new issue of The Dalinda Report has just been posted!


  • Market update for Palace Place, Waterford, Ocean Club, Grenadier Landing, Nautilus, Marina Del Rey, and Newport Beach.
  • Bidding Wars continue at Palace Place with 2 record price sales.
  • Palace Place is getting the highest rent prices in Humber Bay Shores!
  • elevate, Palace Place, with Ramsin Khachi, was a huge success!



Where is the market?

In the first quarter of 2016, there had been 78 sales of condominium units that had been sold for under $450,000 in the Humber Bay Shores area.

During this time, there had only been 27 sales of condominium units that had been sold for above the $450,000 price point. Of that amount, there had only been 7 sales of condominium units that had been sold for between $500,000 and $600,000. Of those, only 1 sale was from Palace Pier and 1 sale was from Ocean Club.

Finally, since January 2016, there had only been 9 sales of condominium units that had been sold for above $700,000. Of those, only 1 sale was from Palace Place, 1 sale was from Newport Beach, and 1 sale was from Marina Del Rey.

Condo Spotlight

Palace Place had experienced low inventory in the first quarter of 2016, which had resulted in intense bidding wars for the 2 sales that had occurred during this period. With its 2015 average price at only $433 per square foot and on the rise, these multiple offers had come from astute buyers, who had recognized the tremendous value in the quality construction, large spaces, and numerous amenities and services that Palace Place offers.

Newport Beach had achieved 4 sales during this first quarter highlighting the demand for functional floor plans and recognizing the value in good building management.

There were 5 sales at the Waterford Towers, but no sales and no new listings from Waterford (2095) where there continues to be a strong demand for large high-end suites.


June 1, 2015

Dear Luke,

The prospect of selling one’s home is a daunting one. So much history and so many memories are inevitably involved.

Thank you for making this process as smooth as it could possibly be. Your professionalism, expertise and bountiful good humour have actually made the experience enjoyable.

The fact that you were able to sell my condominium in one day for a record price speaks volumes.

Many, many thanks for a job thoroughly well done!


Nan Ruhnke

Palace Place Toronto