Palace Place: The Dalinda Report, Palace Place edition, is out now! Special information for Landlords!

Palace Place Report Sepetember 2016

Palace Place

The new issue of The Dalinda Report has just been posted!


  • Luke Dalinda lists Suite 4001 for $2.15M!
  • Critical information for landlords at Palace Place!



The 2015 average price per square foot for Palace Place had been $433 per square foot. The highest prices that have been achieved to date are $516 per square foot and $537 per square foot.

Palace Place has long been undervalued. To me, this is unacceptable. To combat this, I have just listed Suite 4001 for $2,150,000. This represents only $758 per square foot for one of the best suites in the building and one of the best views in Toronto. It also addresses the magnificent renovations that have been done throughout this suite.

When local shoebox condominiums are being sold for up to $700 to $1,000 per square foot, I trust you will begin to appreciate the frustration.

Why buy the K-car when you can own the Mercedes-Benz?

Buyers want space, and, most importantly, buyers want quality. New construction fails to deliver these two key requirements. Palace Place offers unrivalled construction, spacious floor plans, 5-star amenities and services, and million dollar views that you cannot find in new buildings today!

I am going to go gangbusters to try to set this new record, and I am more than qualified to do it. In 2012, I had set our historic record price of $515 per square foot when the building had been selling at that time for $371 per square foot. We have since seen our prices rise steadily, but they are still far from where they should be. I have been setting record prices at Palace Place since my first listing in 1997.


Landlords, did you know that because of the year Palace Place was completed, Palace Place qualifies for an exemption to the Residential Tenancies Act?

What this means is that Palace Place is EXEMPT from the guideline governing yearly rent increases.

So, while other buildings must follow this year’s guideline of 2% for 2016, Palace Place landlords can increase their rent by whatever amount they choose, provided that they follow all other requirements as set out in the Act.

If you would like more information, please contact me!

As the longest serving realtor at Palace Place and a fellow owner, I am highly motivated to achieve record prices. My experience and guidance will position your suite for top dollar. My marketing will offer you better exposure and better results. Please give me a call.


March 2, 2016

Dear Luke,

You have represented our last two real estate transactions.
In both cases, the results passed the expectations. Both times we got new record high price for our unit. Everything happened quickly, without pain and stress. We are impressed with your professionalism and communication throughout the whole process.
We have complete confidence in you. It was a great pleasure working with you.
Thank you again!

All the best,
Alina and Richard Mielnik

Palace Place