The Dalinda Report, April 2012, is out! How to increase values at Palace Place: Part 3.

The Dalinda Report April 2012The Dalinda Report April 2012The new issue of The Dalinda Report has just been posted!


In this special issue, Luke Dalinda examines critical factors in selling your suite at Palace Place for the best price. An excerpt follows.

Palace Place had experienced a balanced first quarter of 2012. Total sales had remained unchanged from the 6 sales in the first quarter of 2011 to 6 sales in the first quarter of 2012.

With only 6 sales in the first quarter, I had still managed to set yet another all-time record price at Palace Place by having just sold Suite 4305 for $610,000 in only 1-month by the same brokerage.

In February, I had sent a letter to all 05 owners asking for their help and support in setting this new price record. The challenge was that 05 suites at Palace Place had long been undervalued. The highest price ever paid was $545,000, with recent sales under the $500,000 mark. 05 suites listed for the high $500s were just not moving with other realtors.

Local realtors had even mocked my intentions to establish this new record by saying that I had “no chance”.

Well, with the support of 05 owners, we have achieved this amazing goal of $65,000 above the highest price ever paid! This price increase will benefit all owners at Palace Place immensely.

I cannot emphasize this more. Simply listing your suite on MLS is not enough! Listing on MLS alone could cost you thousands of dollars without the added value of strategic advertising and promotion.

Palace Place is better than the local shoebox condominiums that are being sold for up to $600 per square foot. You need a strong voice in the marketplace to demonstrate this clearly. That is what I have been doing since Citibank had finished selling at Palace Place.

In the last year, I had single handedly set the record prices for our 02 suites at $420 per square foot, the 06 suites at $371 and $380 per square foot, the 04 suites at $443 per square foot, and many others. I have been setting record prices at Palace Place since my first listing in 1997.

How to keep setting record prices at Palace Place

If you are considering a move, please consider me.

It is easy to be lured by low commission rates these days by novice realtors. However, is it worth saving $15,000 in commission by sacrificing $60,000 in your ultimate sale price? Is it worth it to trust your biggest investment with someone who has never done a deal at Palace Place?

Of course, it is not!

Look, I am an owner at Palace Place too, and I have been your Palace Place realtor longer than anyone else has. I know how to get record prices. I am on-site and on-call 24/7. I am the only Palace Place realtor that is a Platinum Level Marketer in The Toronto Star, and I have advertised the most in The Globe & Mail. Add my website, homes and condos newsletters, Facebook, and other strategic initiatives, and you will quickly discover why I get the deal done!

Dollar for dollar, I offer the most marketing services for the least commission. Give me a call, or send me an email, for a confidential consultation at no charge or obligation.

As always, I am honored to be considered for your real estate needs. Thank you for your time.