They just do not build them like Palace Place. Part 2: Trump Tower Toronto

Broken GlassGlass has fallen yet again from a new condominium in downtown Toronto. This time it has come from Trump Tower.

Police had to close off the intersection of Bay Street and Adelaide Street.

Fortunately, no injuries have been reported.–downtown-street-closures-after-glass-falls-from-trump-tower?bn=1

This incident comes just when Toronto condominium owners have launched a class action lawsuit against the builders of their condominiums for negligence in the use of glass that shatters easily.

Incidents like this just make you appreciate Palace Place that much more.

In fact, I had received a call from an individual who would like me to sell his suite at Trump Tower after closing in favor of purchasing a residence at Palace Place.

This person is of the view that Palace Place just offers more, more views, more security, and more seclusion from the downtown chaos.

Add the fact that because of the hotel component of Trump Tower, residences are treated, and taxed, as commercial properties.

A-list lenders do not finance such properties, and, if they do, the rules are far more strict.

Several buyers have even walked away from deposits in excess of $200,000 at Trump Tower, according to Toronto Star reports.

When you come to Palace Place, buyers also benefit from a proven track record of sound financial management and planning. In fact, some of Bay Street’s elite have been known to applaud the management at Palace Place.

Add the superior construction of Palace Place, and the decision is a no brainer.

Today, condominium buildings are built rapidly with the construction workers and builders focused on the next big project. Palace Place had been built in a very different time and in accordance to the strictest quality standards.

The builders of Palace Place had known that this was not just another condominium building. They had realized that Palace Place would be a landmark that would be a living tribute to their hard work, dedication, and talent that would stand the test of time.

This view of construction has long been lost in our current age of extreme consumption.

Read more about Palace Place’s superior construction in “Palace Place” by Luke Dalinda.

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