Transparency, Accountability, and Accessibility for Palace Place!

539733_10150916046256857_1353950871_n(Luke Dalinda, Vice President)

Your board is committed to transparency, accountability, and accessibility.

Ready for the challenges, we have already taken action on some key initiatives, including:

  • We have reinstated the policy of allowing owners to address issues during the first half hour of board meetings. To be clear, any owner or resident is allowed to attend the first half hour of a board meeting to discuss an unresolved issue or to simply make suggestions and recommendations, without any pre-conditions.
  • We are making good progress in the search for a new property manager.
  • We have scheduled brainstorming initiatives designed to look at new ways to find efficiencies wherever possible.
  • We are developing a variety of Employee of the Month initiatives to recognize exemplary service.
  • We are working on the creation of an Advisory Board.

The board is deeply passionate about Palace Place and is committed to maintaining its status as one of the best condominium residences in Toronto. The new board is united and working hard to deliver measurable results.

We thank all residents for their support, and we welcome you to contact us for any concerns or suggestions.

Luke Dalinda

Vice President of Palace Place (MTCC 1053)