Palace Place offers unrivaled construction!

broken-glassThere was a great feature story in The Toronto Star today about the construction of condominium residences and the difference between “window walls” and “curtain walls”.

Palace Place, like commercial towers, had been built with curtain walls as part of its unrivaled construction.

Today, condominium buildings are built rapidly with the construction workers and builders focused on the next big project. Palace Place had been built in a very different time and in accordance to the strictest quality standards.

The builders of Palace Place had known that this was not just another condominium building. They had realized that Palace Place would be a landmark that would be a living tribute to their hard work, dedication, and talent that would stand the test of time.

This view of construction has long been lost in our current age of extreme consumption.

Read more about Palace Place’s superior construction in “Palace Place” by Luke Dalinda.



JUST LISTED: Palace Place, 1 Palace Pier Court, Suite 406 – $815,000

Palace Place IMG_1606Palace Place IMG_1580Palace Place IMG_1586Palace Place IMG_1593Palace Place 406Floorplan copyPalace Place, 1 Palace Pier Court, Suite 406 – For sale at $815,000

Breathtaking is the word that best describes Palace Place, which is the most prestigious, luxurious, and best managed waterfront condominium residence in Canada. Suite 406 is a magnificent condominium residence, with approximately 1,985 square feet of living space and enchanting views of Lake Ontario and the lush surroundings. Suite 406 has been completely renovated for the discerning buyer, who appreciates quality workmanship and sophisticated styling. Click for flyer. Call or send an email now to Luke.

JUST LEASED: Palace Place, Suite 4003 for the RECORD PRICE of $4,200 per month!

Palace Place Suite 4003I have written to announce that I have set yet another all-time record price at Palace Place by having just leased Suite 4003 for $4,200 per month.

JUST LISTED: Palace Place, 1 Palace Pier Court, Suite 4309 – $2,750 per month

Palace Place 1 Palace Pier Court Suite 4309PP4309 Palace Place 1 Palace Pier Court Suite 4309 Floor Plan

1 Palace Pier Court, Suite 4309 – $2,750 per month

Suite 4309 is an immaculate condominium residence, with approximately 1,388 square feet of living space and enchanting views of Lake Ontario, the Humber Bay Shores parkland, the Humber River, and Swansea village. Call or send an email now to Luke.

The Dalinda Report, February 2013, is out! Luke Dalinda has achieved a HISTORIC RECORD PRICE for Palace Place!

The Dalinda Report February 2013The Dalinda Report February 2013The new issue of The Dalinda Report has just been posted!


Palace Place represents an incredible opportunity for buyers to purchase in a 5-star luxury condominium residence at a price per square foot that is unattainable in inferior new construction.

Palace Place offers unrivaled construction and luxury, a solid financial background, and a balanced, predominantly owner-occupied, and involved community, which are critical criteria when selecting a condominium as a home or investment.

With an average price per square foot of $405, Palace Place delivers the key fundamentals that buyers must realize that other condominiums cannot offer.

Yet, many of these inferior condominiums are charging $700 to over $1,000 per square foot in the name of simply being new. In today’s condominium market, new becomes old fast. Buyers fail to consider the importance of buildings that have been tried and tested and that have built to a much higher standard than the standards of today.

There had been two sales at Palace Place since January 2013. I am honored to announce that I have just sold Penthouse Suite 4601 for the all-time record price of $1,255,000, or $515 per square foot.

This is the highest price per square foot ever paid at Palace Place, yet still clearly demonstrates the incredible opportunity for buyers.

• Luke Dalinda writes his own market reports, in fact, he had been the first to do so, while other realtors pay some firm that has never even set foot or done a deal at Palace Place to prepare “market reports”.

• Luke Dalinda has lived and practiced through every market cycle at Palace Place. His breadth and depth of market knowledge at Palace Place is unparalleled.