BREAKING NEWS: Luke sells at Palace Pier in a day!


Special Announcement: Palace Pier, 2045 Lake Shore Boulevard West, Suite 3305 sold for $1,800,000!

I have written to proudly announce that I have set a new sale price at Palace Pier by having just sold Suite 3305 for $1,800,000 by having represented the seller.

When other realtors had this property listed for as long as 65-days at a lower price, I have just sold this suite in just 1-day! This is a new price is great for the 3-bedroom suites at Palace Pier!

This is a great accomplishment for Palace Pier. It clearly demonstrates the value of a realtor who knows his product, has key connections, and can walk his talk.

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Luke Dalinda’s Market Update

JUST LISTED! Palace Pier, 2045 Lake Shore B W, Suite 3305 – $1,800,000
The crown jewel of Humber Bay Shores!
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JUST LISTED! Grand Harbour, 2289 Lake Shore B W, Townhouse 114 – $2,399,000
Live in the extraordinary!
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Just Sold! Palace Place, Suite 3001 (Seller & Buyer Representative)
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Just Sold! Palace Place, Suite 3810 (Seller Representative)
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Luke Dalinda, Sales Representative. Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage.


Catching up with Ramsin Khachi #2 – Hardwood vs. Vinyl

Palace Place

Hardwood flooring has become a standard for condominiums these days. However, as longtime condo owners will appreciate, wood is not an ideal material for condominium environments, as it is susceptible to humidity and water. It is also not ideal for soundproofing.

Today, Ramsin Khachi and I had discussed viable solutions for condominium flooring, the best and most interesting being vinyl flooring.

Vinyl flooring has come a long way. It is no longer the vinyl tile from your grandmother’s house. It can look just like wood, offers the durability and versatility that wood cannot, and comes in a full spectrum of options from any wood type to even stone finishes.

Vinyl flooring costs about $3 per square foot, which is much less than traditional wood flooring.

When choosing vinyl flooring, it is critical to look at the overall thickness of the product and the wear layer (the top layer) quality to ensure durability and longevity. It is best to have the supplier of the product install it as well instead of a third party. This will help with any potential warranty concerns.

By far, one of the best choices for vinyl flooring is the LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) collection by Interface, a company recognized not only for its high quality product but for its commitment to the environment as well.

Stay tuned for more tips, and you can catch Ramsin on the Marilyn Denis show on CTV or find him at @RamsinKhachi @KhachiDesign @KhachiLife

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The Crown Jewel of Humber Bay Shores!

Getting ready to launch the crown jewel of Humber Bay Shores. Fit for royalty. Stay tuned!

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Catching up with Ramsin Khachi…

Catching up with Ramsin Khachi…

As a realtor, staying on top of the latest trends in interior design helps me guide my clients in making the right decisions and investments. Today, I caught up with my friend Ramsin Khachi, one of Toronto’s top design experts.

We spoke about the importance of sound proofing when renovating your condo and compliance with condo rules. Sound complaints have become a major, costly issue for condos. When tiling, there is a new product called Schluter Ditra-sound, which is specifically designed for ceramic and stone tile installations. This innovative new product prevents tile cracking, offers superior waterproofing, and helps prevent sound transmission.

Condos today are becoming smaller and smaller, with these confined spaces, opportunities to renovate to create more space are becoming very difficult. Your realtor and design expert should be able to guide you to making innovative design solutions with impact while avoiding structural obstacles and complex condo rules.

Investing in a well thought out plan and “road map” for your renovation may take some extra effort and cost, but the money that you spend in the beginning pays back big in the end. Stay tuned for more tips, and you can catch Ramsin on the Marilyn Denis show on CTV or find him at @RamsinKhachi @KhachiDesign @KhachiLife

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