JUST SOLD: Palace Place, Suite 3504 for the RECORD PRICE of $335,000!

Palace Place 1 Palace Pier Court Suite 3504 Sold by Luke DalindaI have written to proudly announce that I have set yet another record price at Palace Place by having just sold Suite 3504 for $335,000 by having represented the seller.

There is a lot of doom and gloom in the market today. People fail to realize that this happens every year at this time and disappears come November. However, I have begun to develop a strong concern for first-time buyers in the 1-bedroom, under 1,000 square feet condominium market.

Ever since the mortgage rule changes this past June, these buyers have slowed down considerably. Unfortunately, the supply has only continued to pour onto the market.

We now have a case where these buyers have a lot to choose from, but, regrettably, do not have the experience or a proper adviser to give them proper advice. As a result, I am finding people comparing buildings like Palace Place to shoebox condominiums like those found at Windermere Avenue and The Queensway. Simply put, they are effectively comparing a Mercedes-Benz to a Fiat. You just do not find this kind of mistake in the car world. Why is it happening in the condo world? 

ANSWER: Buyers are not educating themselves beyond the floor plan and the “dream” that the builder is selling. Because they are not educating themselves, we must do it.

If you are a Palace Place 04, 07, or 12 owner, you need a realtor that can educate buyers on this fundamental difference, even if the buyer is represented by another realtor. It takes a heck of a lot of work, but it needs to be done. Otherwise, you are just throwing money out the window, as these buyers throw their money at new builders and their unfounded marketing hype.

Do you want to set another record? Call me today!

Luke Dalinda



The Dalinda Report, August 2012, is out! Palace Place experiences a slow summer.

The Dalinda Report August 2012The Dalinda Report August 2012The new issue of The Dalinda Report has just been posted!


An excerpt has been noted below.

Palace Place had experienced a very poor July 2012, as total sales had decreased from 7 sales in July 2011 to 4 sales in the July 2012.
These sales were for very low prices, and these sales demonstrate a lack of homework on the part of realtors looking for a quick sale and failing to perform a proper comparative market analysis. These Palace Place suites had sold for between $15,000 to over $125,000 below my recent record prices.

As always, I am honored to be considered for your real estate needs, and I work very hard to earn the right to represent you.

• Luke Dalinda writes his own market reports, in fact, he had been the first to do so, while other realtors pay some firm that has never even set foot or done a deal at Palace Place to prepare “market reports”.

• Luke Dalinda has lived and practiced through every market cycle at Palace Place. His breadth and depth of market knowledge at Palace Place is unparalleled.

JUST LISTED: Palace Place, 1 Palace Pier Court, Suite 3504 – $353,000 (UPDATED)

Palace Place 1 Palace Pier Court Suite 3504Palace Place 1 Palace Pier Court Suite 3504Palace Place 1 Palace Pier Court Suite 3504Palace Place 1 Palace Pier Court Suite 3504Palace Place 1 Palace Pier Court Suite 3504Palace Place, 1 Palace Pier Court, Suite 3504 – For sale at $353,000

Breathtaking is the word that best describes Palace Place, which is the most prestigious, luxurious, and best managed waterfront condominium residence in Canada. Suite 3504 is a stunning condominium residence, with approximately 833 square feet of living space and an unobstructed view of the lake. Click for flyer. Call or send an email now to Luke.