Did you know? (Fact #2) What do Canada’s Wonderland and Palace Place have in common?

What do Canada’s Wonderland and Palace Place have in common?

Wonder Mountain (Copyright Luke Dalinda)

Wonder Mountain (Copyright Luke Dalinda)


With the summer season upon us, many Torontonians make an annual pilgrimage to Canada’s greatest theme park, Canada’s Wonderland. What many people do not know is that Palace Place has a unique connection to Canada’s Wonderland.

So, what do these two Toronto landmarks have in common?

They had both been built by Bramalea Limited, which at the time was Canada’s biggest commercial and residential builder.

wonder mountain construction

In 1979, Taft Broadcasting, headed by the legendary Dudley Taft Sr., had formed a partnership with Bramalea’s parent company, Trizec Properties Inc., which had been led by the Bronfman family, to build Canada’s most ambitious theme park ever.

Coming in at a cost of $122-million, Canada’s Wonderland had opened its doors on May 23, 1981, and it has since become one of Canada’s greatest theme parks.

So, which landmark cost more, Wonderland or Palace Place?

Answer: Palace Place

From 1988 to 1993, Palace Place had been built at a cost of $200-million by Bramalea Limited. The sheer cost at that time was a testament to Palace Place’s unrivalled construction. Bramalea had a very special vision for Palace Place that, to this day, has yet to be duplicated or equalled.

Palace Place Archie Blair photo 1

Luke Dalinda with Archie Blair. Archie had been an onsite manager for Bramalea during the construction of Palace Place, and he was Palace Place’s first employee, as its Operations Manager until 2011.

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